Cernunnos Picture

"The Light
The Life
The Strength
The Harvest

In four moons
The Antlered One
Will go to rest....

("ELEMBIVOS", by Eluveitie)


"'Elembivos' is the start of autumn, because in the Celtic calendar the year starts with winter. Autumn is the last stadium of it. Lyrically we have this choir, reminding of Cernunnos which is also a figure in Celtic mythology. Cernunnos is actually very similar to this golden bull, I mean, he symbolizes life itself and nature, every living creature. Cernunnos is very active, he awakes in spring and he is active during summer. When Elembivos comes and autumn draws near, he is slowly preparing to rest and sleep. When Samon comes, the winter, then Cernunnos goes to sleep for three months and begins to wake up again when spring comes again. This is what the choir says.”
~ Chrigel Glanzmann (Eluveitie)


Still dealing with artblock, goddamnit artblock. Sketch of my own version of celtic god Cernunnos.


Paint Tool SAI
Photoshop CS2
Wacom bamboo PEN
About 3h

ART, DESIGN (c) ME, ~CelticBotan, no not use, alter or copy

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