COMMISSION: Loki Picture

Commission of Loki of traditional Norse mythology.

I was commissioned to complete a devotional for someone's altar of the Norse god Loki, based on a number of criteria on the mythological figure, as opposed to the Marvel Loki.

Loki of traditional Norse mythology goes by many names:

Gift Bringer, Bound God, Burden of Sigyn's Arms, Bright Star, Charmer, Crafty One, Door Opener, Destructor-Creator, Father of Strife, Heimdall's Bane, Sky-Treader, Sky-Walker, He Who fares Aloft, Scarlip, Shapshifter, Silvertongue, Star-Brand, Thor's Friend, The Unquiet Thought, World Walker, Wild One, Wolf's Sire.

He is often identified by the star Sirius.

MEDIA: watercolor, ink, marker, metallic ink, acrylic paint.
SIZE: 9x12"
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