Mythology Project - Kiyoshi Picture

First piece in a series. (and one of my favorites)

Kiyoshi is a mixture of Japanese and Brazilian heritage.
He is portrayed as a tengu from Japanese mythology, one of the more well known Yokai commonly depicted as a bird of prey with both human and avian features. Tengus are traditionally destructive deamons and harbingers of war, but their image has softened a bit into protective, but still dangerous, spirits of mountains and forests. ([link])

The flames surrounding his dreadlocks come from a Brazillian creature called a Curupira, a forest demon with flaming hair and backwards feet to trick hunters.([link])

The little weasel is a Kamaitachi, another yokai from Japanese mythology, a sickle-clawed weasel that haunts the mountains and rides the wind. ([link])

Project Description
The mythology project is something I did for the concentration portion of my AP Art portfolio. Devil's Parliament is a story of cultural and personal diversity in an era of strict social barriers. Each of my characters is of uncommonly mixed races; and each has his or her own distinct personality. After some research, I decided to integrate creatures/figures from the mythology of each character's cultures into the characters themselves to portray not only their heritage but their own unique personas.


Kiyoshi © me

done in Prismacolor marker
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