AU assignment1: Mythological history Picture

Once Sébastien's name was called up to present his diorama he quickly grabbed his newly created masterpiece and trotted up to the front of the class, a nervous grin shown on his face. "Ah bonjoiur and hello to you all" he nodded and began to describe his piece, pointing at the different object.
"well for my piece I decided to make the main structure of it different archicectural features. with the inside being a part of the Louvre and the outer structure being of asian see. I just really love architecture and the Louvre is held in the France, the country of which I was born" he smiled and continued" um I added the stars in the back and the clouds because I guess my species sort of lives in them? or at least...I suppose they do. I haven't seen a lot of them but the one time I did they were sort of made up of stars and lived in them." he shrugged "also I just really like stars. oh! and that's Ezio up here on the roof. I put him there, along with this and that..." he pointed to the green travel tube and question box "....because I really like playing video games and those are one of my favourites. " he stood up and looked at the class with an accomplished grin "and that is my diaorama"


hey gah my assignment for myth/hist finished! lolol um i didn't really put this in his description but he explained this as well, that the structure inside is made of toothpics and wood, the clouds are made of cotton with the lights being small battery powered leds' . the grass is tinsel, and the outer asian esque structure is made of very thing wood. he already owned the ezio figure and put it up there safely so that it won't damage the actual figure lol he idolizes it.

alright well that's it toodles ;w;

art, Sebastien romain louison(c)Aibyou
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