Monai Picture

Here's Moñai, the third son of Tau and Kerana, from the Guaraní mythology. [link]

I'm not very thrilled about how this one came out, it looks a bit bland. Well, also Moñay is by far the leas interesting of the seven monster children.

He is a very big horned snake. He likes to munch on birds, that's why he's eating a poor blue macaw here.
He's horns somehow works as antennae, like somekind of sensorial organs. I gave him small eyes, for he will not rely much on sight.
The horns are also iridescent (Something which I couldn't quite figure out how the hell to paint) and they allow him to hypnotice prey. That's why I decided to make him of a bright red color, he really doesn't need to camouflage much with such a hunting strategy.

As I said each of the 7 childrenis worse tha the previous one.
That can be noticed by the fact Moñay starts to show traces of malice, unlike his instinct driven older brothers.[link]
He likes to steal and collect things, which often leads to fights between the people, who blame each other for the disappearence of their stuff.
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