Wings of Horus Picture

An art update! Figure to brush up some fantasy works since well..i have too many sci-fi stuffs. Recently I've been working on a project with Square Enix so I guess I should really pick up my fantasy stuffs! Here's a quick piece I whipped out today!

Here's an idea I have for this piece, Egyptian Mythology:

Its about Egyptian gods' eternal war in the heavens, where each god has their own army and they march against each other in the heavens, something like archangels' war.
So this guy is one of Horus's elite guards, called Wings of Horus, they are one of the most fearsome soldiers throughout the heavens, they dont talk, they dont feel pain, they dont question authority, and they are extremely loyal to Horus.

For now I'll just leave it as it is, probably gonna be adding an environment for this guy soon, and some couple more variants.

EDIT: I didnt want the armor style to be Egyptian styled, cause I was thinking, that was what the ancient egyptians depicted them, what would it look like up in the heavens where no man has seen them, no timeline to speak of, probably in the the far future or the far past. So I went a sort of Diablo archangels-esque classy gold look.
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