TCN - Mythology Picture

i've decided to put my lyrics in the Art Poetry section so you can view the images at fullview.

in any case, this pretty much sets up the story for all of my lyrics. I dont want to go into it too much. If you want to know more you can read the lyrics i've posted or visit my website.

if you pay attention you can figure it out.

of course if you're that curious, note me and i may reveal some to you.

in any case, i hope you like both the lyrics and picture.


this moment of prayer
this will and this mirror
my trembling hands stay true until the knife crosses my heart

unsure of what may come
but one moment’s hesitation
will not take away
this chance for evolution

so i face my reflection
and i give myself over
to this altar of blood and feathers
unraveling and peeling back

opening myself
to the memory and the whisper
of a broken heart

everytime i do this
i succumb to an easy answer
letting vindication overtake my prayers

but just this once
i want to know if there is something more

and if there is
i hope that i can evolve
without losing my faith

and in the space of a heartbeat
in the wind of a sigh

and in the blood on this knife

i see...

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