Baraka Action figure Picture

This is an action figure of Baraka from the new Mortal Kombat game. The boxes of the figures have now changed (even for Raiden's) and has probably made it that way for collecting purposes. At first, I thought Baraka's ending in MK vs DC didn't mix him with a DC character until I found out that he and the rest of the Tarkatans become the Mortal Kombat version of an alien race called the Dominators. Only ending that doesn't have a Mortal Kombat character becoming a DC character is Scorpion and he's still sodomized. I dislike DC because of that game and here's how I started disliking DC Comics. It started with Teen Titans and with making Robin being a douche, I thought it ruined DC Comics then this game came out and sodomized Mortal Kombat and its rating, mythology, and what it has always been about: the violence and the gore. It also showed that Ed Boon didn't care about his creation and would whore himself out. I think he believed he wanted to become the new Capcom, but it proved you can't make a rated T Mortal Kombat game. I believe that game had to do with Midway Games dissolving. So I blame MK vs DC as one of the reasons that Midway was destroyed.

Right now I'm waiting for Ed Boon to apologize for making MK vs DC in the first place. Sure, some friends of mine said that he's not making a sequel to MK vs DC since it sold poorly (Gee, I wonder why?), but that still isn't good enough in my book. I want him to say "I'm sorry I fucked up. I shouldn't have made this game. I should have stayed with original MK8 plans." But we'll never hear it, and that game is still being sold but under the WB games logo. MK9 might be the last Mortal Kombat game I play since I believe Mr. Boon is going to betray us again in some way

Anyway, sorry for the rant, I just felt like that point should be made since Ed Boon should not entirely be trusted. Don't want him to be like Lucas and get his ass chewed by everyone, but I have a feeling he'll end up like that. On to the figure, Baraka wears his first costume from the game and he comes with his blades. I saw the figure out of the box on Youtube and they didn't paint his head right since his teeth are flesh colored. My figure of him is still in the mail package of it. Right now, I hope they make figures of the characters in their alternate costumes such as Raiden as Dark Raiden and Baraka in his armor.

Baraka (C) Ed Boon and Netherrealm Studios
Action Figure of Baraka (c) Jazwares

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