Kuno's Roman Fantasy Picture

Don't like Akane in this one...

Kuno always refers to girl-Ranma as his Venus and Akane as Diana on the hunt. Really the descriptions fit rather well.

Venus and Diana are two goddessess in Roman mythology, Aphrodite and Artemis in Greek mythology.

Venus - the goddess of love was known for her multiple suitors and extreme vanity... hmm... sound anything like Ranma?

Diana - the goddess of the hunt and chastity, protector of small children... she once turned a man into a deer because he saw her naked, has a bad temper

That's what I remember from mythology class anyways...

So I figured I'd draw Kuno's fantasy since he thinks himself as handsome as Adonis anyways...

Akane and Ranma's costumes were based loosely on the designs by Disney in Hercules.

Akane, Kuno, and Ranma (c) Rumiko Takahashi
Artwork is mine
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