Urban Mythology -set 1- Picture

The final project for my basic drawing class. It was pretty much carte blanc as far as the product, it just had to be around 80% observational.

So I went around Portland and drew people as figures from Greek Mythology. Candidly. Drawn with Microns. From Left to Right:

Dionysus at a restaurant (Pearl District)
Aphrodite at the Waterfront
Cupid ...in a stroller (on the max)
Athena at the Pioneer Square Starbucks

Dionysus had his leg up, he wasn't an amputee. The only way to distinguish Aphrodite would be to draw her falling out of her clothes but I found that slightly unethical... and I went to 8 coffee shops (6 starbucks) just to find a girl sitting down. EIGHT.

my teacher really wants this to be a zine...
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