Some Death Figures Picture

Some death gods, psychopomps, depictions, whatever, from various cultures and mythologies
1st row, from left:
The Grim Reaper, European (and spreading)
Ox-Head and Horse-Face, Chinese
Ogmios, Gaulish Celtic (also Ogma, the Irish Celtic god is basically the same guy)
Ankou, Breton and Cornish and Norman French
2nd row, from left:
Muut, Cahuilla (a Native American tribe)
Baron Samedi, Voodoo
Yama, Hindu (also Yama in Buddhist mythology is similar)
Valkyrie, Norse

I think I decided against showing Dee in any of his other forms in the comic because I was lazy and didn't want to force myself to do research. However, turns out I did it anyway.

I've got a notebook in which I've been drawing all the different death gods, psychopomps, significant cultural depictions and whatnot I can find. Basically, Dee's other forms. SO MUCH FUN IT'S RIDICULOUS

I'm going to have a page on my site with information about them just because I can. They are drawn in no particular order though. Probably hard to navigate but what the hell.
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