Latvian mythology - Varava (first idea) Picture

I'm not yet entirely sure about some details, but in general -this is the main idea.
Vārava is probably something like a Latvian mermaid, but I would not describe her as a kind water nymph. Mostly in all the tales and songs vāravas use their charms to lure gullible men and children into traps. What then? I don't know, maybe they eat them, maybe they are just bitches.
Instead of the traditional fish tail I wanted to cross it over with a lamprey - a fish I will never eat because I find them very scary. They also such their victims dry which is exactly what I think vāravas could do. I will make more sketches about details you can't see here good enough, also I will draw her true face, since this is just a disguise.
Then afterI have figured out most of this I'll probably include her in a fitting environment
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