Latvian Mythology - Daughter of the forest Picture

There are spirits of the forest in every mythology, Latvians have various kinds of them, but it's hard to find any information about them. Most of them look like tiny creatures, gnomes or something like that. This would be like a greater spirit of forest. And again it was very hard to find anything on this. I figured once the head of the forest is the Mother of the forest (we have Mothers of everything - wind, sea, earth, even dung actually) the daughters of the forest would be the logic followers. Then I managed to find some folk songs proving me right.
They actually lead very careless lives - singing and dancing all day long, occasionally taking care of the trees and animals (this one has saved a bunch of little lizards), but they are certainly no dedicated workers. I believe they have a strong binding with trees, as you can see and each one has a certain tree that define their characters and appearance. So I will probably make different versions of them with different trees. This one was supposed to be aspen tree by the way but I'm not quite sure about how it turned out, the bark doesn't look very asp-like to me.
Oh, those plants in the front are meadowsweet (vīgrieze) - love the smell of them. They have a very calming effect on nerves and blood pressure. Figured they would fit well in here since it was supposed to be a very calming picture
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