Zutara Week 5: Mythology Picture

Ok, so I'm a bit late with Mythology, but it's still Friday in California, so I'm not that late, really.

So anyway, here's my submission: Zutara as Osiris and Isis.

There are aparantly a number of different versions of the myth, but basically it goes as follows (though I've changed the names, as well as the gender of Seti/Azula, obviously) :

The Zutarian Myth of OsirisZuko and IsisKatara
Not long after the world was created, the evil goddess Azula became envious of her brother Zuko, and hated him. So she devised a plan to destroy him, though, of course, as they were both gods, she couldn't actually kill him. So she captured him and cut his body up into many peices, and spread them over the whole of the Fire Nation [Egypt]. Zuko's beloved bride Katara, for love of him, went all over the Fire Nation and collected and reassembled and healed him, in spite of Azula. Then Zuko and Katara's child, Aang [Horus], defeated Azula and managed to confine her forever. For his great courage, Aang was assimilated to Roku [Ra], while Zuko, along with his beloved bride Katara, became god of the dead.
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