Fourth Dancing Princess - Austeria Picture

I am working a novel featuring the Twelve Dancing Princesses, and I have come up with each individual princess. They are based off the Twelve Winds in Roman mythology. Each features their own color, based on their birthstone (except opal/October ... I had to skip that one because I used twins in the middle).

I wanted to try animating them like Disney princesses, and in order to do that I looked at LOTS of Google images and based the movement of their gowns and hair and their poses off of what I found. However, no complete princess is an exact copy of any of the illustrations I found. I frequently used combinations of different princesses. I'll try to note them where I can remember.


This is Princess Austeria Europa Belo. She is the fourth oldest princess, born in April, and she has the ability to control the South Wind. She is 24 at the time of the story. She is more of a temperament like Aquila's, but she is not so mean-spirited. She just has no sense of humor.

Pose: Belle
Top Half of Skirt: Belle
Continue Reading: Europa