The Siren Come Calling Picture

I haven't posted any new work in quite a bit of time. The main reason for this was because I went to Italy for two weeks and was out of contact with the world in the United States for those entire two weeks.

Anyways, I decided to draw Lydia Prisca in Art Nouveau, my biggest inspiration and muse for drawing. This is actually my sketch version; I do plan on trying to do some coloring and work for this but for now I left it fairly sketchy. I am debating about leaving it like this or making it black and white. I'll play around some more in Photoshop for this one and re-post this image if I decide on something else.

This image spawned out of a conglomeration of things, one of them being my role-play email with my friend ulver-av-nord. The second being my desire to draw in Art Nouveau, the third being that I wanted to draw Lydia.

In our role-play Lydia was at one point compared to a siren because of her beauty and voice and other factors. However, in a way it was an interesting thought so I was inspired a bit by that. The three moons in the picture are from my friends story. In my story I am still deciding if there is just one moon or more than one for different reasons, so I decided to use hers. Plus it was during Lydia's stay in her world that she was compared to the moons and to a siren.

The three moons are based off of (in my drawing them, I have no idea the actual properties of ulver's moons other than their color) Earth's moon and Jupiter's moons Europa and Callisto.

I hopefully plan on doing another one of her but imagined as the Goddess of Death since that cropped up in one of our (ulver-av-nord and I) in person role-plays. I will then draw Nameless as the God of Shadow (or whatever we decided he was during that time). Lydia would not really be the Goddess of Death but we were joking around and I thought it was funny so maybe when I am done working on this I'll try and do that.

I used these Art Nouveau images by Alphonse Mucha as inspiration and reference: 001 | 002 | 003

Lydia Prisca © me

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