Past to Present Picture

So to go hand in hand with my new found ridiculous fondness for C. A. Cupid, I ended up making a Monster High OC. Or it my have been the other way around. Who knows. Anywho.

Her name is Tali Eos and she is the daughter of Talos, the bronze giant forged by Hephaestus to protect the island of Europa. After many years of watching over the island, Talos became lonely, so he forged a daughter out of bronze just like himself. However, Talos was not a god and was not able to give his creation life and she was not able to return her father's love. Disappointing, Talos abandoned his creation and so Tali wandered aimlessly form many years until coming upon a temple of the god of love, Eros. There she met the then very young Cupid who, not know or caring that Tali did not have a soul or was even alive, befriended the bronze girl. Cupid grew up with Tali watching over her. When Cupid was older she eventually realized that her best friend was no more than construct made to imitate life but that did not stop her from caring about it her. But it did sadden her deeply to know that Tali would never be able to experience the joy of living.

Tali eventually joins Cupid at Monster High after escaping a deep sea trench where she had been trapped for 500 years after saving Cupid's life from the goddess of chaos, Eris.
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