Europa mit dem Stier III Picture

Translated title "europe with the bull III" , drawed with pencil in the month of may, 2001.
Dimensions : 21 cm * 29,7 cm

This series is a part of the representation of : "mythological love"(also the series "apollon and daphne", in comparison to the "maria and the jesus-child" as "holy love".

Not very creative, i mean - a reason for this circumstance was the little time, i have for this picture - because it where used for a vernissage. Now i would make the picture different - more dynamic - but in this series, its ok, because its a part of a told story - and so the effect is in relation with the other drawings to this series.

The mythologically mans of the past have interesting ideas of "love" - its an interesting question : could we fall in love with a person, we never met before, when he would turned into an animal , and the metamorphosis to a man happens later ? Would we love the animal like a man, even when we are not sodomistic ? Can our heart look through the eyes of an animal to a man-core ? For the greeks that was possible.

And in anotherway - when a man or woman turns into an animal... can we love it anyway, like the man or woman who was it before changing ?

By this thougs there's the difference between a antique imagination of love, and the monotheistic "modern" love - which is given by our religion - and in his idealized form i called "holy love"...

Which of those loves has the higher value, i let decide it, every one for his own - and who wants differences, i make it with the series of "mythological love" and "holy love"

In the end, the question still there : how sodomistic is a love to an animal, which was/is a man (even if this impossible) ?

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