SMOC-Eternal Sailor Europa WIP Picture

EDIT i decided to base my decision on her name on someone who at least had a lover in greek mythology. it was reallyyyyyyy hard to decide cuz....welll...Zeus was a manwhore lol but even tho Zeus got to Europa, Zeus told her to marry another man. Asterion, King of the Stars. so i wanna ignore the Zeus part for her story and base a story around Asterion and Europa. :>

and since theres so much white on her....i think this is going to b her eternal form =/

this ones based off of me. i tried to make her design kinda like Cyllene since they both named after moons of Jupiter. but this one i want to b my main senshi since my fav color is green n its based off me lol
story will come later when i think of one

the symbol in the background is the symbol of the moon Callisto
she has the symbol on her staff too
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