Taurus and Europa Picture

Zeus' infactuation with Europa was unlike no other. He wanted Europa badly but if he was to appear before Europa, his magnificence would consume her and she would end up killing herself.

Zeus approached Taurus, the most magnificent and most gloried beast of all Greece and prayed Taurus a favour. Knowing well that Taurus was as stubborn as he was majestic, Zeus appealed to Taurus' vanity and promised him a place in the heavens if he allowed Zeus to take his form and approach Europa.

Taurus accepted Zeus' offer and took his place in the Heavens and Zeus approached Europa with Taurus' graceful movments. Europa instantly fell in love with Taurus and she was taken by the Bull to the island called Crete. There Zeus told Europa that all the lands she could see from the island were hers and Europe was founded.

Zeus and Europa had 3 suns together one of which was Minos who later married, but his wicked ways were punished when his wife fell in love with a great white majestic bull that was Taurus and she gave birth to the Minotaur.

After many years, Zeus found out that Europa never loved him at all, but loved Taurus, the form he had taken. As an act of vengence, Zeus set Orion to hunt and kill Taurus and too this daz, Orion still hunts Taurus accross the night sky.


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