Life on Europa:The Hippocampus Picture

I really enjoyed doing this one, I busted out all the drawing pencils I got from my dad (RIP) and overall had fun doing this one. This would be one of the more aggressive species of the subsurface Europan oceans, unlike some Europan species, this one has eyes strong enough to see in color and have depth perception. They evolved in an ocean near the equator, and are more accustomed to light, unlike the Wardolphins. There is also more food in its home ocean so the Hippocampi's metabolism requires more nutrition than some other species. A hippocamp are incredibly aggressive during the breeding season, but not only do they fight for mates, but the fighting is the mating. When they defeat one another in a duel, he victor impregnates the loser with his young that will take the attributes of both. This means that they never truly have enough soldiers for war, but each soldier is truly a force to be reckoned with.
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