Edo Profile Picture

~Character Information ~
Name: 'Edo' Edonis
Name (kanji/kana):
Alignment: Kingdom of Venus
Species: Intelligent domestic cat from the planet Venus
Gender: Male
Lives: Shiba Koen, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Occupation: Advisor to Eros Celestial
Family: none
Associates: Sailor Venus/Sailor V,
Aliases: none

Edo- Edonis stems from the character of the same name with sligh spelling difference Adonis; {info -wikimoon} Adonis is a character from the Codename: Sailor V manga. He was a foot soldier of the planet Venus who was sent to help Prince Endymion when the Dark Kingdom attacked the Moon Kingdom. There he encountered Sailor Venus, with whom he fell deeply in love but never managed to approach, as it seemed that she had feelings for Kunzite. He died in the battle between the Dark Kingdom and Silver Millennium and was reincarnated on Earth like the others, becoming Danburite, leader of the Dark Agency and underling of the Shitennou.

~Adonis was the lover of Aphrodite in Greek mythology.

Being that my character/ (of myself) Eros is he son of Aphrodite (which at this point is unknown as to weather or not she is the same person as Sailor V/ Sailor Venus) it only seeming fitting.

Also this cat is based on my real cat, Edo


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