OC: Celine Picture

Name: Celine
Age: Unknown (18-19)
Personalities: Describe as independent, gentle beauty with honesty and courageous heart who willing to risk her life for the sake of humanity and love. She's warm hearted towards the people without judging on their appearance and very polite in every ways. Celine never shy her way out from the way she befriends with Gerard and remain stay close to him. Due to this, both began showed affection toward each other.

Celine is reincarnation of the Greek Moon Goddess, Selene/Selena and former lover of Gerard.
Her birth was remain mystery and unknown but she lived in the huge building of the church where she was raised by the priest and the member of the church. At age of 13,she acknowledges her power as she can predict the fate of the people and the night sky. Due to this, she's being chased by the unknown organization. So, she was forced to go on hideout in the acient museum with the help of her guardians.
In her teens, she spots an injured soldier boy probably in his teens outside her place. Unable to leave him misery, she decided to take care of the boy who identifed himself as Gerard until he's fully recovered. However,their bond began to grow and Gerard showed his payment as her bodyguard.
2 years later, they are officially becoming couple but their love doesnt last long after she was killed by one of the assassin then she fully become a goddess of the moon; leaving Gerard alone and devasted. The event continues to dmc3..

-Celine means 'moon' or 'heaven' in French.
-Gerard and Celine relationship resembles Selene and Endymion of Greek Mythology.
-Her hobbies are star gazing and gardening.
-Loves to spend time with orphans as she loves children.
-She also predict that one day Gerard and her would have harmony marriage but alas, it ends due to her death.
-She is first person who witness his true self.
-Gerard states that she reminds him of Isabella.
-she somehow older than Gerard.
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