Finding Endymion Picture

Is it exploitation? Though something in myself recoils at the idea of affixing oneself to time honored stories and using them as platforms for one's own glory (Mormon sects do it and Mormonism did it to Christianity which did it to Judaism), there's also something about it that I love. There is always a retelling, and we've long ago realized that we pretty much tell the same stories over and over and over, but somehow always make them seem new.

This is a set up shot for an inversion of the classic Endymion story. We shift the unusual behavior of the moon goddess back to the traditional male niche, as well as the reproductively hyperventalative rabbit.

So this is the god goddess on the/a casual stroll where s/he will soon come upon the hibernating bear, the shephard, the sleeping beautiful boy/girl, Endymion.

Nate modeled.

Here for the full set.
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