The Titans - Second Generation Picture

The second sequel to my depiction of the original twelve Titans - the next generation! After Cronus had successfully overthrown his father Ouranus with the aid of Hyperion, Iapetus, Coeus and Krios, the Titans became the new rulers of the world. During the resultant Golden Age, whilst Cronus had five children with his sister and wife Rhea that he subsequently swallowed out of fear of a prophecy coming true, the other Titans had some kids of their own:


- The children of Hyperion and Theia (top-left, left to right):

Helios: the sun, who rode across the sky in a golden chariot pulled by four horses each and every day, and saw all whilst doing so (when Aphrodite was having an affair with Ares, Helios was the one who saw them doing the deed and relayed the information to Hephaestus)

Selene: the moon, who like her brother also drove a chariot across the heavens; at some point she fell in love with Zeus's handsome son Endymion, and asked his father to make him immortal - Zeus granted her wish, but in exchange for eternal youth Endymion entered an endless sleep, and from then on Selene watched over him

Eos: the rosy-fingered dawn, bringer of light in the morning, cursed with perpetual sexual desire by Aphrodite after she made the mistake of sleeping with Ares, and hence the mother of quite a number of minor deities


- The children of Coeus and Phoebe (top-right, left to right):

Lelantos: the Titan of air and the hunter's skill, whose name means 'to move unseen'

Leto: one of the Titanesses of motherhood, and also possibly a goddess of modesty and demure - she's most famous for trying to escape young and randy Zeus's attentions, failing miserably, and subsequently having to wander across the world, pregnant and prevented by a vengeful Hera from giving birth, and all the while having to flee from the giant Python that Hera sent after her, until eventually she found refuge on the floating island of Delos and could finally give birth to the twins Artemis and Apollo

Asteria: the starry one, the Titaness of astrology, nocturnal oracles and falling stars, and mother of Hecate


- The children of Iapetus (middle-left, left to right):

Atlas: the biggest and the strongest of Iapetus's children, who fought by Cronus's side during the big battle between the Titans and the Olympians, and for that was given the punishment of holding up the sky for all eternity

Menoetius: the Titan of violent anger and rash action, who fought on the Titans' side during the Titanomarchy, was killed by a bolt of lightning thrown by Zeus and afterwards banished to Tartarus

Epimetheus: the Titan of hindsight, and definitely not the sharpest knife in the cutlery drawer - he and his clever little brother Prometheus acted as humanity's guardians, and Epimetheus later married the first human woman Pandora (yes, that Pandora) and had a daughter named Pyrrha

Prometheus: the Titan of foresight, the guy who stood by the Olympians during the Titanomarchy because he knew they'd be the winners, but who then stole fire from the Olympians to help the one bunch of creatures he actually seemed to care about - us humans; for that, he was chained to a rock by Zeus's servants, and every day an eagle came and...well, you know the rest...


- The children of Oceanus and Tethys (middle-right, left to right):

Metis: Metis is here to represent all three thousand of Oceanus's daughters, the Oceanids, and also because she's quite the character: she was cunning, wise and crafty, an expert shape-changer, the first lover of Zeus, and whilst her father Oceanus was famously neutral, Metis was Zeus's most valued counsellor during the Titanomarchy (she came up with the plan that led to Cronus vomiting up Zeus's brothers and sisters and hence freeing them); unfortunately, it was prophecised that the first son Metis had by Zeus would overthrow him, just as Zeus had overthrown his own father Cronus - so Zeus took a page out of his father's book, tricked Metis into shape-changing into a fly, and then swallowed her whole; problem solved...until Zeus started suffering from a great big headache, had to get Hephaestus to cleave his head open, and out popped his and Metis's daughter, the goddess of wisdom Athena


- The children of Krios (bottom-middle, left to right):

Astraios: the dusk, who married Eos the dawn and fathered the four Winds and the five Planets

Pallas: the giant, the Titan of warcraft, the husband of Styx and father of the personifications of Zelus (Glory), Nike (Victory), Kratos (Strength) and Bia (Might), all four of whom fought on Zeus's side during the Titanomarchy and later bound up Prometheus on his command

Perses: the Titan of destruction, husband of Asteria and father of the goddess of witchcraft Hecate

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