ioGuardian Sailor Jupiter Picture

Yay! My redesign of Sailor Jupiter.

So, I sort of reimagined the Silver Millennium. Instead of all of the Planet Princesses being focused on protecting Serenity they're more focused on protecting their planets and the people who live in each principality/planetary orbit (the citizens of the gas giants live on the moons).

Since the Senshi were never given royal names like Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask/Kamen (Serenity and Endymion respectively), I decided to give them one based on personality, mythology, or affinity.

As such, Sailor Jupiter's royal name is Dyad which means "couple" or refers to a two note chord in music. I decided to name her thus because she is two things at once: tough tomboy and domestically-inclined lady. However, in the story I've constructed, she prefers to go by a childhood nickname: Lita.

I decided that the "Guardian" (as I've dubbed my redesigns, not to be confused with the Sailor Power Guardians) uniforms would not follow the traditional fuku at all. Yes, all designs will contain a collar, skirt, bow, and brooch, but none will really resemble the original design.

So, on to the particulars:

Name: Dyad aka Lita
Age: 16

Title: Senshi of Protection
Transformation: Jupiter Guardian Star Power Make Up!
Items: Starlight Hair Sticks (can be used as thrown weapons), Jupiter Brooch, Shield Gloves
Oak Leaf Storm
Thunderbolt Dance

Base "Brigh" by
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