Bluebell Picture

Gender: Female
Element (s):
Wind - Like the curling petals of the bluebell’s flower…
Poison - Beautiful, but dangerous! Bluebells are actually poisonous.
Screech - Bluebells used to be known as "witches thimbles" and it was said the bells of the flowers would peal out at midnight calling to the fairies. Woe betides any poor unfortunate traveller who heard those bells - he would be dead in the morning.
Sleep - The Latin name for bluebells is "Endymion non-scriptus". In Greek mythology the Goddess of the moon, Selene fell in love with a mortal named Endymion. Selene asked Zeus to give Endymion eternal youth, but she also asked for him to fall into a state of endless sleep (she loved him best when he was sleeping). Bluebells can apparently induce a dreamless sleep. I don’t recommend eating them though. As I mentioned above, they are poisonous.
Personality etc.:
The bluebell flowers in April and May and so this is when she is most powerful. This flower is a symbol of reliability and Bluebell is just that, reliable. You can always count on her! However, she can be a little narrow minded. After all, bluebells only flower on one side of the stem. She has a sweetness that is irresistible, just like the aroma of the flower. Bluebell is very patient, but also quick to act if an opportunity presents itself. She is a good asset to have in battle and is very light on her feet. Most of her time is spent taking joy flights and practicing her wind powers.
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