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Short version: here you can see my personal idea of how Queen Serenity's husband might have been like and looked like.


In more than a few countries it seems to be the rule that if a king marries, his woman is allowed to call herself queen, but if a queen marries her husband is "only" called prince consort.

My impression of the Moon royalty in SM is ... the women are far more important than the men. When Usagi becomes queen she seems definitely still more powerful than Mamoru, in the manga it is revealed that the Moon queens give only birth to daughters (!!), and while we see the mother of Princess Serenity, Queen Serenity I. quite often in flashbacks etc., there is never a single word about the father. The only things we can more of less be sure of are a) even the Moon queens need men to reproduce so there *should* be a father and b) the father was probably from the moon, not from the earth. But isn't it somehow hinted at least in the manga that many other planets in the galaxy are inhabited, too? At the contact to *those* people is not forbidden? Hmm.

I know the series is mainly thought for young girls and so the whole moon monastry thing isn't thaaaat developed, just so much that you are invited to dream about a fairy tale kingdom on the white planet. But I still like to speculate a little bit about the ... prince consort? of Princess Serenity's mother.

Was it okay for him to be that much the background? Or is it even the case that he died early? Was there a biggest-love-of-all-time-sigh connection between him and Queen Serenity like there is between Usagi and Mamoru and Chibi Usa and Helios? Or was the regency of the women on the moon that strong that the royal men weren't much more than ...sperm donors?

Oh well, you can speculate a lot about that. Does anyone know fanfiction with Princess Serenity's father? Here's now fanart of how I could picture him. He keeps himself very much in the background but is responsible for all the important paper work in the kingdom. A kind of "highest royal appointee". While the queen is romantic, he is a realist. Their relationship is peaceful, but definitely not burning with love-passion. Maybe the husband looks even a bit down on all the glitter and magic and fuss that comes with the queen.

And his name? I guess would he have really been part of the canon Takeuchi-San would have given him a name out of the greek mythology again. Perhaps "Zeus", he had children with the goddess Selene as well. But maybe that's a bit too pompous. Perhaps "Eos", from a sister of Selene. A women's name, but then, Artemis is also originally a women's name.
... While I created him I tended to the name "Aethlios". He is according to some mythology the father of Endymion. Avoid conclusions to the series! Otherwise we would have to consider that "Helios" is a sibling of Selene, too....!
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