the Loan Shark Picture

Why, yes, this loan shark is a... shark. LMAO
His name is Endymion (en-dim'-ee-uhn), named after the greek mythology of the mortal with the same name. The greek god of sleep, Hypnos, had fallen in love with Endymion. Actually, there are many different stories about Endymion. Some say he was a king, others a shepard, and some say he was lovers with Hypnos, while others say he was with Serene. No one knows the original story.
ANYWAYS, this Endymion is a loan shark that now owns the ass of a con-artist named Hypnos. He is has a Cool personality, with the sub-personality of Dishonest. He will tell you sweet lies before taking everything you hold dear. Including your dignity.
His markings are inspired by the tiger shark~ <3

So, welcome my new handsome baby!
I adopted him as a pup, so he is still in his child form~ <3
This is a preview to his adult form~

Owned by: =envylovr
Designed by: =Pie-Tie

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