Eos Picture

Oh cookies, this was too much fun.

Ok so this is one of my original characters, Eos. She was begging to be doodled and wouldn't let me finish the piece I've been struggling with for over a week now. @[email protected]

Sister to Selene (who I'll probably finish inking and coloring this week) who you can find a ways back in my scraps.
They're for a short story I've been muddling with.

Obviously, if you know anything about Eos in mythology, she's the greek goddess of the dawn. She's flirty and "rosey fingered".
So that's kinda how the pink fleshy-ness came about, and the sunset colored hair. I wanted to portray her as being young, fun and flirty and younger than her sister, Selene, who is pretty much her oposite.
She has quite an attitude on her, and she can be very jealous and childish.

As for the story...I'm still trying to get it out. It's going to be a vampire story based on the mythology behind Selene and Endymion. That's about all I can say right now.
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