Selene and Endymion Picture

Selene - Goddess of the Moon, the dew, love, the sex life and magic practices. The Hyperion daughter and Theia. The Eos sister and Helios.
She was shown as the woman with the light skin, in beautiful white or silver robes, on the harnessed chariot in four (golden or silver) steeds. For her a crescent moon was an attribute, which it usually been introduced, as the diadem in hair of the Goddess. Of every evening, when her brother - Helios, bathed his steeds, she is leaving on her two-horse chariot and she is lighting the Earth with his secret glitter. In the Roman mythology, Selene identify with Luna. In the Latin, Luna is marking the moon.

The Selene cult wasn't in Greece common because she has often been equated around Artemis (also regarded as the goddess of the Moon) and for her separate temples weren't being built. However in some places she was being presented with the reverence behind giving the dew, salutary for people, animals and plants during the drought. The main Selene place of cult was found on the Peloponnesus. With interesting aspect of the Selene cult, were rituals sent away through tessalan fortune-tellers. So when a lunar eclipse came, they believed that the dragon wanted to devour Selene, and then fortune-tellers said different magic formulae in order to dissuade his from this intention.

In the mythology she is turning up quite rarely, mainly at love stories. The most famous myth about Selene, is telling about her love, to the beautiful cowherd - Endymion. According to this myth, Selene traveling all over the sky, noticed the sleeping man.
Zeus cast the spell to him, giving him the incessant youth and the immortality. The King of Gods didn't want, if only personifying the beauty of the man, at any time died. He gave him the also eternal dream. Selene, the certain night, tearing a strip off the sky, saw sleeping Endymion. She fell in love with him and from now on whenever left on her silver cart, stopped above the cave, in which he slept, and a long way looked into the face of the cowherd. Apparently in the time, when are singing nightingales - descended to the ground, and stroking hair of the young man, whispered spells above him, which however to wake him up could not. According to one of myths, Selene had with Endymion 50 daughters. It was a bit technically difficult, since Endymion, the entire time slept, but after all Selene was a goddess, and she was able to work miracles
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