Fromier Picture

Fromier is an ochia, like a naga basically but renamed because I wanted to do it. And ochia is basically the Greek word for viper. See, in Greek mythology there was this half nymph, half serpent creature named Echidna who gave birth to monsters such as Hydra, Chimera, Sphinx and so on. I wanted to stay in the Greek vein when it came to naming the species, seeing as how the other monsters were named what we use as species now... I couldn't very well call them echidnas since that's an Australian monotreme (egg laying mammal.) So yeah, I Googled translators and got ochia.

He's a little short and his body thins too soon, they're supposed to have enough power to stand up as tall as men but he doesn't much look like he can. I shall have to fix that and the half assed BG.
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