Chimera Robot Mode Picture

The Chimera

“Someone, kill us!”
Function: Warrior
Primary Weapon: Flamethrower, Frostbreath, Sonic Roar, Cybervenom Launcher
Transformation: Lion/Goat/Eagle/Cobra Hybrid

The Chimera is one of Echidna's most powerful creations. A veritable Frankenstein's monster, he is the result of fusing the remains and spark residue of three fallen Predacons to one Maximal protoform.

He now lives in a constant state of torment, his Maximal spark straining and failing to hold-back the ghost-like personalities of the three dead Predacons. Sadly, for all of his efforts to resist their influence, the deck is stacked against him - the three Predacons had well established personalities before their deaths, where as his own persona never had a chance to develop independently. To make things worse, Echidna actually did install a Predacon shell-program to buffer the effect of his spark on his cognitive systems. Rather than completely transforming the signals from his spark, as a shell program should, it simply filters out or scrambles some of the signals, making him emotionally unstable and weak-willed.

Why is his shell-program so horribly flawed? Echidna found the idea of watching the Maximal sink into a state of self-loathing due to programming defects to be an interesting case-study in protoformic developmental psychology.

The Chimera is now forced to do Echidna's bidding, driven by a single, nearly indomitable string of obedience-programming and his Predacon desires to carry out orders to maim and kill.

Strengths: The Chimera has the combined strength and resilience of four Cybertronians, as well as what would be their independent abilities. His Maximal head (the lion) can deafen, terrify, or even knock down enemies with a powerful roar. His goat head can unleash a torrent of flames, and his eagle head, in adition to its razor sharp beak, has cryonic breath. The Chimera's tail, capped with the head of a cobra, is capable of launching cybervenom at his enemies. His lion claws and eagle talons make him a formidable close combat enemy, and his combined feline/goat structure make him surprisingly agile.

Weaknesses: Occasionally, the Chimera's Maximal persona will overrule his programming, and act heroically, foiling Echidna's plans. More often though, the internal conflict of the differing personalities will lead to moments of complete insanity, where he becomes entirely unpredictable. Sometimes one of the other personalities will actually override the majority, and compel the Chimera to pursue its objectives. For example, the Cobra personality often leads the Chimera into unnecessary combat in order to fulfill its desire to "kick some keester".
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