'Come on boys, have a rest.' Picture

Maths copybook

Theseus and Echidna belongs to me.
According to mythology Echidna was the wife of Typhon, who happened to be a father of the most fearful monsters in mythology. e.g Hydra, Cerber, Scylla, Sphinx, Chimaira, Nemean lion.... etc

In my writing I gave her the role of the guardian of ( “what are we searching for, Herc?” “ I don’t know, but we must get it before Klara will”). After the long journey through trough labyrinth, hundreds of chambers, the traps, the heat, the water, and the legions of enemies to conquer the travellers meet the beautiful room decorated with gold and velvet and Echidna who great them with 'Come on boys, have a rest. If you reached this point nothing is going to stop you.'.

They don’t know that once the fall asleep , they will never wake up.
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