My new character, Chi Picture

lol categories SUCK.

anyways. this is chi. say it like ky. ((lol. sorry ky. x3)) chi is short of chimera. for those who don't know...

In Greek mythology, Chimera (Greek Χίμαιρα (Chímaira); Latin Chimaera) is a monstrous creature of Lycia in Asia Minor, which was made of the parts of multiple animals. Chimera was one of the offspring of Typhon and Echidna and a sibling of such monsters as Cerberus and the Lernaean Hydra. - Wikipedia

which fits. she's made up of different parts. the lilac is her main body, while the black and steelblue(?) parts were added to create her, though the steelblue parts were not in the best shape. because she's made up of three different bodies, she has the personalities of all the bodies, and the colors of her eyes reflect this. the blue belongs to the lilac parts. that was her before she was turned into a monster. the orange belongs to the black body parts, and the red to the steelblue. the blue is the usually the color in front, but if one of the other personalities takes over, that color will move to the front.

also, though her mouth is sew shut, she can still talk. she can project, through mind waves or something, what she wants people to "hear". she also will try to use body language, though she doesn't have much body for that.

i'm still working her out. like, i'm trying to figure out her three personalities. but... for the most part she's done. hope you like her.

lol. and i only made this because i was bored.

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