Anata Picture

Ananta is a Sanskrit word meaning "without end." It is also one of the names of Sesha, the thousand-headed serpent which Vishnu is often depicted as riding or resting on.
Manasa is the Hindu folk goddess of snakes, worshipped mainly for the prevention/cure of snakebite as well as fertility and prosperity. She is often bad-tempered and unhappy due to rejection by her father and husband and the hatred of her stepmother. However, she is kind to her devotees. Being that she had mixed parentage, she was denied full godhood. She is often depicted as a women covered in snakes, sitting on a lotus or standing on a snake, shaded beneath the hoods of seven cobras. She is often called the "one-eyed goddess" because one of her eyes was burnt by her stepmother.
Ananta would be the Page of Space, meaning “one who provides others with Space” or “one who discovers powerful hidden potential to manipulate and use Space.”
Her land would be LOFAF, the land of Flight and Frogs. This land would reflect her in that she would navigate it with a special set of gloves and boots that would allow her to fly and move much faster than normal, as a reflection of Hermes’ winged sandals (Talaria) that granted him the power to fly at incredible speeds. (Also, by activating the session’s volcanic Forge, she would be making a reference to Hermes as the potential creator of fire.) The land would consist of several floating islands on which the consorts (roosters or some form of birds) would live. The session’s Forge would be located in a volcano on the largest island: a massive landform that is covered in long, wavering grass, in which the frogs are hidden. When the volcano is activated, the heat causes the grass to burn and shrivel, leaving the frogs with nowhere to hide and making them easily accessible for breeding.
Physical: Ananta is a female troll with a tall, slender build. She has long, thick, wavy hair (see sketchbook). Her left horn is curled and spiraled, similar to Aradia’s ram horns and also the shaped of a coiled snake. Her right horn is curved slightly inwards and is shaped like a forked tongue – something that Ananta has. Her fangs are longer than typical fangs and protrude from her upper lip, hugging her bottom lip. She wears a loose, bright, sky-blue skirt and a tight short-sleeved black shirt displaying her symbol (see sketchbook) in jade. She also wears a matching blue headband that she keeps wrapped diagonally around her head, covering her left eye (which is badly burned) and tucking beneath her hair.
Personality: Similar to the goddess on which she is based, Ananta tends to be bad-tempered and irritable, though she is considerably less snappy when she is sunbathing or has recently sunbathed. However, she is very kind to her closest friends, and tries her hardest to help them when possible. She is often condescending towards other trolls, especially males – however, she finds them amusing, and is affectionate towards them in the way a man is affectionate towards a rambunctious puppy, with a few exceptions (good and bad). She also tends to lie a lot.
HERBOLOGY – Her hive tower is entangled in the weaving branches of two massive trees, and a variety of colorful plants and mushrooms thrive at their base, as well as a multitude of flowering shrubs and bushes that flourish in the intense light of the Alternian sun. Ananta enjoys collecting and studying the various specimens, preserving and growing several of them in various jars and pots around her room, as well as sketching them and taking notes about them in her multitude of notebooks. However, progress is very slow and only a few samples are collected at a time, because she gives in to the temptation of sunbathing on the soft, lush grass (one of her favorite activities and something she does every day, often two or three times a day).
FASHION – Ananta has an interest in designing bright, colorful outfits – mostly dresses – which she wears around her hive. However, she is embarrassed by this rather feminine hobby (though she doesn’t know why) and keeps it hidden from her friends, claiming that Beryla has designed all her girly outfits and makes her wear them. Beryla tolerates this patiently (partially because she secretly enjoys getting the credit for a talent she’s jealous of anyways.) In fact, Beryla has commissioned a handful of her elegant princess gowns from Ananta, who obliged, paranoid that the “flighty broad” might expose her secret.
MYTHOLOGY – Ananta is passionate about Greek mythology, admiring the gods for their various skills and powers. However, she is especially fond of Hermes, because she considers him to be the cleverest of the gods. She has several posters of him taped on the walls of her large, walk-in closet, mainly because it’s her secret room and she doesn’t want anyone to see how obsessed she is with him. She aspires to be like him one day (which she succeeds in by creating her flying boots/gloves, as well as the staff-like weapon she creates that strongly resembles a caduceus.)
Ananta wields the staffkind Specibus. The weapons that she collects/creates are as follows:
-Walking Staff: A hard, knotted branch that Ananta harvested from one of her trees and used a walking stick and weapon.
-Staff of Lotus: A staff covered in tangled vines, with a lotus flower blooming on top. It glows when it nears the Frog Temple, but it doesn’t really do anything helpful. However, since it is quite beautiful, Attera stashed it in her Sylladex and plans to build an outfit around it later.
(Recipe: Walking Staff+Lotus Flower)

-The Mother of Monsters: A long, elegant staff, around which a realistically-carved snake is twisting and winding. The bottom half of the staff seems to be covered in glistening green scales. As in the previous form, a lotus flower blooms at the top; however, the flower glows softly nonstop, and flares up with bright green energy when a powerful enemy is nearby. It is a very powerful weapon, and is shown not to break even under extreme stress.
(Recipe: Staff of Lotus+Statue of Echidna)
-The Messenger’s Deceit: A staff bearing a strong resemblance to a caduceus, the symbol of Hermes. The staff itself is silver; one of the snakes is white with emerald eyes, while the other is emerald with diamond eyes. The wings are made of glowing green energy that can flare out and scorch enemies. Lotus blossoms bloom periodically along the length of the serpents’ sides.
(Obtained from ?)
Ananta’s Fetch Modus is the Messenger Modus. The Messenger Modus launches items out of the Sylladex in glass bottles, and the items must be retrieved quickly or else they return to the Sylladex and the process must be repeated.
Ananta’s Trolltag is deceptiveEmissary and she uses perfect syntax and grammar when she types, with the exception of replacing the letter s (in certain instances with sss to replicate the hissing of a snake.)
((this is my friend chelsys troll, she wanted me ro draw her and paste her info sooo here it is i cnt draw girls))
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