The Sphinx Picture

The Sphinx
Function: Reconnaissance
Primary Weapon: Quandary Cannon
Transformation: Eagle/Lion Fuzor

Were her Maximal programming not overwritten by Magmatron’s conversion broadcast, the Sphinx might have been one of the Axalon’s most passionate explorers. No single thing defines her character more than curiosity. She obsessively questions everything, and compulsively seeks the answers. She loves riddles, be it asking them or answering them, and she loves to explore new territory, spurred on by the infinite question, “what’s beyond the horizon?”.

Echidna wisely assigned her to reconnaissance, a function which she fulfills enthusiastically. She seldom returns to base, instead preferring to soar for days using her eagle-eyes to examine every detail of the terrain far below her. In fact, it seems that the only thing that can draw her home from this duty is the promise of combat, the thrill of which she loves almost as much as any question.

In battle, she prefers to swoop down on the field, grabbing enemies and carrying them high into the air, where she interrogates them with virtually impossible to answer barrage of riddles before dropping them back to the ground. Only one hero has escaped this fate, by successfully answering every one of the Sphinx’s riddles, obligating the Predacon to spare him out of respect.

Strengths: The Sphinx’s cognitive capabilities are vastly superior to those of the average Cybertronian. She is able to store massive quantities of information and recall it without effort, and her reasoning skills are distinguished by an impressive compromise between logic and creativity. In beast-mode, she has the visual acuity of an eagle, and the night-vision of a lion, making her an excellent aerial scout at any time. Her talons and fanged jaws are formidable weapons. In robot mode, she uses a “Quandary Cannon” which unleashes a blast of electromagnetic energy which interferes with the neural processing of all those within its area of effect, causing them to feel extremely confused and disoriented for a short time, and a “Sandblaster”, which launches torrents of fine grain silicates at enemies at high velocity. She often uses the sandblaster to cover her retreat, by generating small sandstorms.

Weaknesses: The Sphinx’s curiosity often leads her away from the specific duty she is supposed to be attending to, making her somewhat unreliable, and has also been repeatedly exploited to lead her into traps. An exceptionally clever riddle fielded by an opponent can stop her in her tracks, even in the thick of battle, and if she arrives at the wrong answer to a riddle, she will become entirely despondent, inclined to abandon the battlefield to go and sulk over her failure. The Sphinx secretly has amorous feelings for Apollo, which compromises her objectivity in battle. Her Quandary Cannon must be recalibrated for use on different species.
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