Scylla - Robot Mode Picture

Function: None
Primary Weapon: Tentacles
Transformation: Sea Monster

Though her protoform was never actually reprogrammed to be a Predacon, Scylla was driven mad when she activated, only to find that the quantum wave that bathed her stasis-pod millions of years ago combined with Echidna’s experiments had transformed her into a hideous monster. Scylla had been, perhaps, too proud of her unusual beauty on Cybertron where she was a broadcast journalist – she had conned her way onto the Axalon’s roster of colonists, pursuing rumors of a failed science experiment doomed to be dumped into space.

When she awoke to find her form utterly ruined, she was filled with unparalleled hatred. She hated Echidna for exacerbating what the Quantum Wave had done, but she hated the Maximals more for having let this happen to her, for having abandoned her stasis-pod after multiple assurances she would be safe inside. Without the crew of the Axalon available to visit retribution upon, she settled for the Maximals of Mt. Olympus, and determined that the best way to hurt them, was to strike at those they’d sworn to protect. With her partner, Charybdis, she patrols the waters around Greece, occasionally settling into a narrow channel across from Charybdis, and lying in wait for human ships to come by.

Strengths: As a Transmetal II, Scylla has strength, speed, and resilience far above the average. Her alternate mode was custom designed by Echidna; it’s a nightmarish concoction of snake, squid, wolf, and centipede DNA. As such, only Echidna’s appearance may be more terrifying, and only on occasion that she is trying especially hard. Using some sort of mental projection, she is able to disguise herself as a rock for days on end, with her arthropod legs firmly imbedded in the seafloor to prevent her from drifting. When a target comes near enough, she drops the projection, and reveals her writhing tentacles, each of which end with a set of powerful jaws lined with three rows of teeth each.

Weaknesses: Scylla won’t aid the Predacons unless their immediate objectives mesh with her own personal quest for revenge, so she isn’t exactly a great asset to the team. In spite of being a sea-monster, she is almost as clumsy floating in the ocean as crawling across land, hence her preferred ambush tactics.
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