Cerberus Picture

Function: Dungeon Keeper
Primary Weapon:
Transformation: Three Headed Dog

In an attempt to get more troops from sparing resources, Echidna tried to divide a single protoform and spark five ways, intending to artificially create quintuplets. The attempt was a partial success, producing the twins Orthrus and Cerberus.

Due to the division process, Cerberus suffers some mental instability – in beast-mode each of his three heads has a fully developed individual personality. The mental merging that occurs during transformation to robot mode is not unlike that observed among some gestalt transformers, and is perhaps most reminiscent of the ancient Decepticon Menasor.

Cerberus's middle head is the dominant one of the triad, and the only one to express an effeminate persona. "Shenzi", as "she" calls herself, is all around smarter than the other two, and is both more cunning and more socially competent than her "brothers".

Cerberus's right head, "Banzai", is notably the complainer of the group. More than a bit egocentric, he will whine for hours on end about how unfortunate his life is, but always expects someone else (usually Shenzi) to solve his problems for him. On the other hand, the one thing that can reliably snap him out of a funk, is visiting misfortune on others, so more than either of his "siblings", he enjoy's Cerberus's duties as a dungeon keeper, and has become a creative torturer.

Cerberus's left head is nearly incomprehensible. His speech is only barely intelligible to his siblings, and generally translates into nonsense. Because of this, he generally remains a mystery to his fellow Predacons. All that is known for sure, is that he believes he is really the missing third head of Orthrus, he believes he invented the lightbulb, and he enjoys mauling things, be it humans, wildlife, Maximals, or puddles of dirty water.

Strengths: With three of the most sensitive noses and six of the most sensitive ears, Cerberus is the most 'aware' of the Predacons, making stealthy escapes from his dungeon virtually impossible. Each of his three jaws (two of which form his hands in robot mode) is tremendously powerful, capable of snapping steel beams. Complementing his capabilities on the battlefield and in the torture chamber, Cerberus has two eerie special powers. In beast-mode, the combined, simultaneous laughter of all three heads, can create mental instability in those that hear it, causing a potential psychotic breakdown. In robot mode, he is able to mimic any voice flawlessly.

Weaknesses: The struggle between Cerberus's three identities is actually most intense in robot mode. Whereas Shenzi largely controls him in beast-mode, her cunning and rationality looses ground when the three personas attempt to awkwardly merge. In particular, Shenzi and Banzai's personalities merge fairly well, the mentally unstable left head of Cerberus leaves him constantly fighting a slide towards psychological chaos.
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