Monster Mansion Picture

Oh God-
These characters are from an old RP of mine, and most of them got a revamp from their orignial designs. I'll tell you about them from left to right C:

Brown Naga: This would be Momma Monster, or Lila for those who aren't part of her big family (And even if you're not, she prefers Momma). She's based off of the Mother of Monsters, Echidna. In Greek Mythology, Echidna was a half snake woman, and one of Kronos's children. She supposidly gave birth to many of the Greek monsters (Ex: Cerberus). Orignially, Momma was more like a humanoid with no real defined powers (I'd honestly never gotten around to it before), but after looking up Echidna I decided to make her very similar to her, but signifgantly different. Momma can't actually have children of her own, so she adpots other monsters (Who're willing.) and makes them into her children. She's very over-protective, even to the point where she's ran down after two of her 'kids' in a sleeping gas filled room with two rather dangerous monsters. Her colors are mostly browns since browns are easily related with natural, earthly and motherly feelings ouo
Horned Girl: This, would be Leera, who was the start of the RP Monster Mansion. She's a humanoid monster whose scarf is her arms. This is her orignial design, possbily only modified with the length of the pants and the missing tatters, which I honestly forgot about. ORZ She's the only monster whose design wasn't completely redone.
Guy with no Legs: This is Zern, a moth monster. He was born with no legs, but he copes for that missing part with his wings. Despite the mockery he tends to get, he's extremely cheerful, even to the point where every monster whose friends with him admits they've never seen him smile. Orignially, Nelos was the bug monster in Monster Mansion, and it was a test run for him. Then, as Circus Boy was made and he was perminately incorperated into that, I had to change his role/spot entirely. Then I had an idea for a monster with no legs, and wings to make up for it. As I thought of a creature, I decided moth to keep with the insect theme. His coloration is really not based off of any moth, just cooler colors, with exception to his little flick of hair and energy around his sword.
Twins: Oh God, these two. I love these two. The girl is Nia, and her brother is Ain, and they're both sleep monsters. They're based off the idea of "counting sheep", hence the ram horns. The sleep attire, well, I think that's obvious. Why purple? Well, I feel sleep attacks and abilities go under psychic powers, and a majority of psychic powers are purple, so... I felt it was fitting. The twins in the orignial were sewn together like a reversible doll by a reaper. Nia let it go, but Ain never did, and when a reaper found them in the basement of the mansion (They were forced to go down there due to the natural sleeping gas their bodies emit), he went to kill him. After quite a time though, the reaper actually managed to unsew them. Now, I can't draw reversible doll characters so, that's why they're side by side ^^'ll I'll get on practicing that though ouo Also, in the orignial, they were more like rams in the sense that, they really did look like the animal. They were much less humanoid.

And that's everyone! At least, that I owned. I wanted to draw all of them in a fighting stance, cause' I got bored ;u;

Momma, Leera, Zern, Nia, Ain, art (C) K.N.D. (those are my initals ouo)
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