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From Left to Right:

Stage: Baby
Name Origin: Ophidia is the group of reptiles that include all snakes and snake-like lizards.
Personality: Ophimon will rattle her tail to express herself.
Attack: Bubbles - Ophimon spits out a stream of bright green bubbles.

Stage: In-Training
Name Origin: Euryale ("far roaming") is the second oldest of the three gorgon sisters. She is noted for her bellowing cries when her sister, Medusa, was slain by Perseus. Euryale and Stheno (the other gorgon sister) have varying origin stories and don't always appear in the Medusa myth. Medusa herself even has multiple legends. In this particular one the three sisters were the monstrous daughters of the primordial sea gods Phorcys and Ceto. The sisters personified the dangers of the ocean. In others they were the daughters of Echidna and Typhon.
Family: Jungle Troopers
Type: Reptile Digimon
Personality: Eurymon is a very perceptive little digimon. She will sit silently for long periods of time and just watch the things going on around her.
Attack: Bubbles - see above
Attack: Snake Eyes - Eurymon's eyes begin to glow as she places her attackers under a hypnotic spell.

Stage: Rookie
Name Origin: Naja is a genus of venomous snakes that include all true cobras.
Family: Jungle Troopers
Group: Reptile Digimon
Personality: Najamon remains calm until provoked and would rather flee than face an opponent head on. When necessary, however, she can be a feisty little digimon.
Attack: Snake Eyes - see above
Attack: Venom Strike - Using incredible speed and flexibility, Najamon will strike her foe repeatedly injecting him with nauseating venom.

Basilsikmon (not to scale):
Stage: Champion
Name Origin: A Basilisk is a mythical creature that is considered the king of snakes. In some legends the basilisk is a giant snake and in some he is half snake half rooster. Either way the basilisk always has a deadly gaze and is extremely venomous.
Family: Jungle Troopers, Nightmare Soldiers
Group: Reptile Digimon
Personality: Basiliskmon is the strong and silent type. She would prefer to keep to the swamps of the digital world where she can swim in the warm shallow water and slither in and out of dark caves.
Attack: Emerald Flame - Basiliskmon spits out a stream of green fire that isn't actually fire. Instead it acts like acid and eats away at anything it touches.
Attack: Shadow Dance - Her shadow takes on a life of its own and attacks at Basilskmon's command.

Stage: Ultimate
Name Origin: In Hindu mythology Kaliya is a powerful naga that onced lived in the Yamuna River, poisoning it and causing it to boil. Kaliya was later defeated by Krishna who gathered the weight of the world and danced on top of the naga's head. Kaliya's wives rose up and prayed to Krishna to spare their husband. Krishna pardoned Kaliya on the terms that he pester no one else.
Family: Nightmare Soldiers
Group: Beast Man
Personality: Kaliyamon is a fierce warrior. She is exceptionally quick and agile with great knowledge of hand to hand combat.
Attack: Gaze of Medusa - Kaliyamon summons a giant bust of Medusa that will turn anyone looking into stone.
Attack: Toxic Rain - Using her bow, Kaliyman forms arrows made of venom. Whether the arrow makes full contact or just barely grazes someone it will unleash an extreme venom that will lead to swelling, sickness and delusions.
Attack: Blooming Lotus - Kaliyamon strikes her tail into the ground and unleashes a giant attacking lotus blossom.

Stage: Mega
Name Origin: In Greek mythology Echidna is the mother of monsters. With her husband/uncle Typhon she mothered Cereberus, the Chimera, the Nemean Lyon, the Sphinx, the Hydra, Orthrus, the Caucasian Eagle, Scylla and others. In some legends she also gave birth to the gorgons.
Family: Nightmare Soldiers
Group: God Man Digimon
Personality: ?
Attack: ?
Attack: ?
Attack: ?
Attack: ?

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