Niscals Picture

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Anyhow, this is a race of sentient monitor lizards known as Niscals.

In an altertinve universe, Australia was never inhabited by the aboriginal people but instead by anthropomorphic varanids called "Niscals" and the Australian megafauna never died out because they were all domesticated by these alleged lizard-people.

Unlike other Jellienians, who got their sentience from the chemicals left behind after the previous inhabitants died out, Niscals evolved their own sentience, starting out as smart as dogs monitors living in the Indo-Australian area, they got their sentience as the coming Ice Age perused on it's icy grip.

They developed Poikilotherm endothermy, which means that they have the ability to regulate their body temperature at specific times of the day, but become ectothermic at other times, somewhere in the Miocene-Pliocene boundary.

During the early Pleistocene, they had the intelligence enough to develop sophisticated boats and began domesticating animals (mostly marsupials like kangaroos and monotremes like giant sheep-sized echidnas).

Once they've used they're own boats, they sail north into Sundaland (present-day Indonesia) and domesticate animals that were deem to impossible for humans to domesticate totally like rhinos, apes, monkeys, bears, leopards, tigers, elephants, pythons and crocodiles.

They also reached Mainland Asia where they spread their westward expansion to the Indian subcontinent and a lucky some to Madagascar, where they domesticate lemurs, flightless birds and even hippos.

Some headed eastward to the Pacific Islands (where they become the inspiration for The Mo'o, a sapient lizard species from Hawaiian mythology), parts of the Americas and the animal-dominated continent of Jelliena.

The Niscals who arrived into Jelliena, some 300-200,000 years ago saw the land inhabited by dinosaurs that somehow survive the K-T event (which they did domesticate some), giant insects and animals with a similar intelligence.

They brought in their domesticated animals too.

The Niscals dwelt in the Wampobama and Kolumba River Basins, two of four large river basins of the Golmubno Delta, which also modern Jelliepolis (the capital of Jelliena and the largest city)

There, the rivers are free from the large crocodiles, mosquitoes and other river dangers because of the sediment.

These sapient varanus will survive for years to come.
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