Sketch Dump VIII Picture

More sketches, you know the deal...

Top right is Kronos, from a fantasy-story of mine - the "Earth King", a fearsome giant with 8 arms. A cruel tyrant who used to rule over vast parts of the world until he was overthrown by his own children, Typhon and Echidna
(if the names sound familiar - yes, it's vaguely based on greek mythology, however not perfectly accurate)

Also, some designs of Wendigos for a Wild-West-themed short-story. According to North-American mythology, the Wendigo is a vengeful creature, born when a human who committed cannibalism is possessed by evil spirits.
Also, inspired by [link]

The rest is Character-designs and -concepts, pin-ups and fashion-stuff.
I do like fashion - it's actually getting somewhat common that I'm inspired by the clothing the people wear around me.
Example would be the white scarf with the flowery patterns that Mireille, the blonde girl on the top right, is wearing (one of my classmates was wearing a scarf like this - I actually asked her if I could borrow if for a moment because I wanted to draw it
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