Sonic Girls Next Gen. Picture

FINALLY!! MY 100 deviation!
During the weekend I was thinking of OC characters that were the next gen. They are the children of sonic characters. only one is not.
Names for the Girls, what there first name(s) mean.

Top Row: Left to Right:

Akiko the Hedgebat
Meaning: Iris, Light and Bright

Anastasia the Hedgecat
Meaning: A revival from new.

Riley the Echidna
Meaning: Rye. Form of Ryley

Suki the Hedgehog
Meaning: One who is loved.

Bottom Row: Left to Right

Destiny the Hedgecat
Meaning: Certain fortune; fate. The mythological Greek god of fate.

Aphrodite the Hawk/Swallow
Meaning: One who has risen up from the foam (of the sea).

Nukpana the Hedgefox
Meaning: Evil (Hopi)

Alicia the Fox/Rabbit
Meaning: Spanish form of Alice honest

If you want to know who the parents are just send me a note.
Characters belong to me
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