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KT - Sheenk People, Lizardfolk of Gehenna

Scientific name: Angwinus sheenk.

Popularly also known as the Children of the Crisis, it is a highly derived mutant species of human kind, with reptilian characters that make them resemble the "Troodon Man", the putative humanoid form Dinosaurs could achieve if not extinct. They do quite belong to a distinct genus rather a species (as if you put together Homo and Gorilla, different genera).
Most notable features are wide eyes with reptilian vertical pupils, greenish, olive, charcoal grey to brown skin tan and highly reduced sweating to bear average desert climate of Gehenna depths (the former Mediterranean basin, gone evaporated in K.T. tales). Most of them use to file their teeth in order to sharpen them as the most of the reptiles dwelling the Gehenna. Geko (Spike and pals' ally) is one of the few that has not followed this grotesque tradition, keeping his teeth naturally sharp.
Sheenk people (plural is Sheenx) is widespread in Gehenna basin and accounts racial diversity as happens in human populations. Men (the Sheenk use to nickname "chimps" as tease) refers them to several tribe: Lagarto, Syrik, Naga, Black Mamba, Diamondjack, Kadmoi et cetera. The most ruthless are the Black Mambas that use to celebrate pagan rites to a bloody foundator female deity known as Khidna (likely a slang form of Echidna, greek mythological serpentine monster).
Sheenx are usually hostile til xenophoby against humans and often their contribution in extremist and anarchical group's attacks is provided.

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