DnD- Typhon Picture

This is a picture I made of one of the Gods of my Zaldor campaign setting. This is Typhon, a God based off of a mighty monster from Greek Mythology. In Greek Mythology, Typhon was the spawn of Gaia and Tartarus, the gods of the Earth and the Underworld. Typhon spawned many monsters of Greek Mythology with his mate Echidna, see the previous 7 monsters in my gallery to see who. When Gaia grew angry with the Gods of Olympus, she warred with them with an army of Giants, the mightiest of whom was her son Typhon. For a while, the Gods were driven off of Olympus by the terrible sight of Typhon, and only reclaimed their home when they regrouped.
Because Typhon was a son of Gaia, as was the Titan Cronus, father of the the Greek Gods, it was my logic that the children of Typhon, the Greek monsters, were of equal heritage, and therefor Gods as well.
in Zaldor, Typhon is a great and primal god, a primordial manifestation of the Abyss, part Dragon, part Titan and part Demon. He stands tall like a Titan, with the ears like a donkey, wings like a bat, the tail of a snake, and the heads of Dragons were his hands should be. He breathe great gouts of flame, and all tremble in his presence. It is with the Demon Lord Echidna that he spawned his offspring, powerful monsters that are a danger to the world at large.
Typhon was the only God who did not side against Apep in the great war of the Gods, though he didn't exactly help Apep all that much. It was cleat that he was against most of the other gods, he just wasn't very helpful to Apep.
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