Tanaoa - Design Sketch Picture

Everyone who knows me knows I create characters...and that I have character lists and piles of character sheets in the writing stashes and whatnot - and in the many years that I've been in my fandom - I've had to have created over a hundred characters...

Granted - a lot of them were really - really bad characters...but I was younger then. Much more stupid. ;

I get compliments on the Syndicate members for their complicated structured lives in which I love to fuck with them... But that they're intriguing and not just embodiments of myself (although I do believe every character I have ever created does have something of me in it somewhere)...

Anyway - back on track.

Awhile back I created a new character. A younger one - a child.

I came up with the idea for the little hybrid when I was thinking about the powers I give to other characters...Faye has healing and light magic (with influences of wind and water [blue magic]), whereas her husband Aelaric has black magic (yin/yang complex, I know...) and typically reverts back to fire spells when he's not kicking your ass with martial arts... Shira's hidden ablities are latent right now. I don't really know what else he'd have yet, other than the powers that he has right now (but the possibility for some in the means of growth is there - very hush hush right now though) - but don't be surprised if he does manage to learn a spell eventually. Anyway - babbling.

Well, I played with the idea of creating a character - who didn't have many powers (if at all - still working that out).

He's my cute and sweet little innocent hybrid. Cross of hedgehog and echidna. I know you can't see much of the echidna in him but that's because his quills at the bottom lengthen out behind him. I didn't do a back version of his head yet.

I had the hardest time naming him too. I didn't really know what I wanted - and I'm staying the hell away from "S" names because there's too many running around right now... Pam actually helped out by looking names up for me.

In a random conversation, back in July I believe - she gave me tons of links to names that she thought was interesting for the character (based off of what I told her)...

I got this one: [link] - which states:

Tanaoa: In the myths of Tahuata (the Marquesas), Tanaoa is the god of the primeval darkness. One morning a new god emerged, Atea ("Space"). Freeing himself, Atea made room for Atanua ("Dawn") to arise. Tanaoa was confined to the depths of the ocean where darkness and silence still reign.

As well as this one: [link] - which states:

In Polynesian mythology, Tangaroa is the sea god, a son of Rangi and Papa, whom he forcibly separated from each other. Papa's body, filled with water, burst open and became the ocean.

Tangaroa is the father of all the sea creatures, including mermaids, from whence came humanity. The tides are his breaths, and he changes into a green lizard as a portent of good weather. Sailors keep a piece of brain coral in their ship; it is an important talisman to protect them while on the sea.

Alternatively, Tangaroa is the primevil spirit that existed before anything else. Atea and Atanua came from him. He is also the father of Losi in Samoan mythology.

In Hawaii, Kanaloa is a creator god of magic and is associated with the octopus, and is also the king of the underworld.

With Hina-Tu-A-Uta, he is the father of Oro (Tahiti).

Alternative: (Tangaroa is his Maori name), Tanaoa (Marquesas Islands), Ta'aroa, Tangaloa, Kanaloa (Hawaii)

This name went with what I wanted to have - a little hybrid who is in love with the ocean and everything water. So he became Tanaoa. My sweet little cutie with fur and eyes the same blues of the sea - (well his eyes are a little lighter color than the fur - but they're that same deep blue-green of the ocean on a clear day).

You see - Tanaoa's deaf. He loses his hearing in an swimming accident when he's a little younger than he is now. He actually reads lips - and is typically mute (but can and does know how to talk - he just chooses not to because it is difficult for him to speak at times - especially if there are a lot of people talking and he can't keep up with the reading of lips).

Tanaoa - or Tana for short - is insanely cute - and I'm finding that his cuteness is contagious when I've tested the character out with both Pam and Carrie.

I find that his innocence makes him naive - but leaves a certain bravery in Tanaoa as well. He's completely unfearful of Carrie's vampire - and actually likes clinging to Pam's Pichai or Panu - because they're nice to him. Especially when Chai had a gun to him and he just stood there - maybe a little scared by glomping Chai's legs sort of made the bad guy melt for the little cutie.

We'll see how it works out. I've started dabbling with a story for him already, actually. ^^ Tanaoa's love of the sea is apparent...

Oh oh, I should explain the drawing too. Tanaoa only wears a overly large shirt (his father's mainly - which as you can see - falls long on him and is usually slipping off of the little guy's body). He normally doesn't wear shoes since he's roaming on the beach near his home - and if anything he wears sandals. Granted, he's cute in other clothing too (I keep dressing him in a cute little boy's sailor suit) - but typically he's not going to be overly dressed since he likes to play in sand.

Tanaoa also loves seashells. His mother taught him about how shells were usually the homes for crabs - and both her and his father were the ones who taught him about how the large conches could mimic the ocean with sound (before he lost his hearing mind you) since Tana never wanted to leave the ocean and come home - so he has a large conch shell in his room, even though he can't hear it anymore - he pretends.

This isn't that Tana can't "hear"... If he can touch instruments being played (like Aelaric's violin) - he can "feel" the sound rather than actually hearing it. And makes it up in his head from there.

And...that's my cutie right now. More about him later. ^_^

Tanaoa and art is of course, copyright of Niki Pivonka/*indilee
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