Ladon Picture

Function: Guardian of the Electrum Pool on Hesperides Island
Primary Weapon: Plasma Breath
Transformation: Serpentine Dragon

“No apples for you!”

One of Echidna’s most fortuitous discoveries early in her campaign to conquer the Earth, was a pool of pure "electrum" (what Cybertronians call an alloy of Rheanimum, Nucleon, Adamantium, Gold, and raw Energon) in the forests of Hesperides Island. A thin coating of the golden substance can make anything temporarily impervious to non-thermal damage, making the pool such an enormous strategic advantage that Echidna opted to create a dedicated guardian for it.

To this end she engineered Ladon, using a Voyager-Class protoform implanted with Komodo Dragon, Rattlesnake, and Anaconda DNA which she obtained after a great deal of traveling. The result was a titanic serpentine beast that was incredibly fast, agile, and powerful. Unfortunately, when she programmed him to guard the pool, she was a bit too vague in here IFF assignment; the first time she sent Waspinator to retrieve a batch of the substance, Ladon attacked him. After the team attacked and subdued the beast en force, Echidna was able to undo some of her mistakes, but Ladon is still reticent to part with any of his electrum. No one other than a Predacon can obtain some, and even then significant amounts of diplomacy, intimidation, or bribery is necessary.

It is uncertain however, whether Ladon guards the pool so jealously because of his programming, or because he long ago began drinking from the pool and consuming the fauna that do the same, rather than refueling on Energon. Since the effects of a Cybertronian ingesting electrum are unknown, it’s possible that he is now chemically dependent on the material.

Besides guarding the pool from Maximals, he also guards the orchards of golden apple trees and the flocks of golden sheep from humans that would desire the curative benefits of fruit and mutton infused with nucleon, or wool laced with indestructible electrum.

Strengths: Ladon favors his fuzor beast-mode over his robot mode. In beast-mode he is able to dart among the trees of the forest he lurks in, moving with seemingly impossible grace and speed, and attacking with potent cybervenom, crushing coils, or razor sharp claws and teeth. The extent of the effects of prolonged ingestion of electrum are unknown but physically it has certainly had its benefits. He is far more resilient than an opponent would expect of a non-transmetal Predacon, and his energy levels technically exceed safe operating parameters. In fact, so much excess energy is released by the breakdown of electrum in his gullet, that he is able to unleash bursts of blue plasma from his mouth in either mode. Ladon’s beast-mode is amphibious, so when necessary he can leave his island to aid his fellow Predacons.

Weaknesses: Ladon is not at all a team player and is easily put on the defensive when not on his home territory, so on the rare occasion he comes to the aid of his allies, he is of little help. His propensity to hiss or rattle when excited compromises his ability to successfully ambush enemies, even when he has an ideal hiding spot in the branches overhead. Compared to his well engineered beast-mode, Ladon’s robot-mode is awkward and has little in the way of additional capabilities. Negative consequences of ingesting electrum remain uncertain, but probable.
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