Medusa - Robot Mode Picture

Function: Assassin
Primary Weapon: Petrifying Optic Beams
Transformation: Cobra

Not much larger than a human, Medusa is one of the smallest of Echidna’s Predacons, but also among the most feared. She is not one of her progeny per se, since she had already activated independently and sought them out, to offer her services. No one knows why a protoform on the Maximal colonization and exploration ship Axalon was programmed and equipped for assassination work, but it’s clear that Medusa was born to kill quickly, quietly, and efficiently.

Medusa remains a mystery to her allies. It’s possible that she was a nascent protoform, with nothing other than her basic directives and her faction programming, which was presumably superceded by Magmatron’s conversion signal. It’s also possible that she was previously active on Cybertron, and her memory banks were damaged in the fall to Earth or the long years of dormancy.

Echidna suspects a third possibility though – Medusa remembers exactly who she is and why she was onboard the Axalon, but for some reason prefers to play dumb. Only the Sphinx shares her suspicion, and while Echidna allows the matter to pass so long as Medusa fulfills her duties, the Sphinx pursues it as a minor obsession whenever she is back at base, but Medusa has remained an unsolvable enigma even to the Predacon sleuth.

Strengths: Medusa transforms into a giant cobra, able to move silently in almost any environment, and able to spray a stream of cybervenom that can sicken and temporarily blind human and Cybertronian enemies. In robot mode, dozens of sensor-capped tendrils emerging from her cranial casing give her spectacular situational awareness as each one is capable of seeing, hearing, and smelling; she’s virtually impossible to sneak up on. Her lower body retains its serpentine form, giving her quiet movement in robot-mode as well as beast-mode. Her forked, beast-mode tongue becomes a retractable arm-mounted poisonous battle-blade – this is the weapon she prefers to terminate crippled targets.

Medusa’s most spectacular asset however is her ability to project “
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