Orthrus Picture

A painting i did in photoshop of the 2 headed hell hound Orthrus who is said to be the brother of the Cerberus.

In Greek mythology, Orthrus (also called Orthros, Orthos, was a two-headed dog and a doublet ("brother") of Cerberus, both whelped by the chthonic monster Echidna by Typhon.

He was owned by the three-bodied Titan, Geryon. Orthrus and his master, Eurytion, were charged with guarding Geryon's herd of red cattle in the "sunset" land of Erytheia ("red one"), one of the islands of the Hesperides in the far west of the Mediterranean. Heracles eventually slew Orthrus, Eurytion, and Geryon, before taking the red cattle to complete his tenth labor.
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